quarta-feira, julho 11, 2007
O que os astros dizem sobre os homens da minha vida

He´s smart, suave, and stylish, but beneath the polished front he´s vulnerable, especially in love. Libra men can´t say no, so watch for his roving eye. His flirty, female-friendly ways may drive you nuts, but they´ll also drive other women wild. He needs someone who can match him in the style stakes and satisfy his fickle gaze.

You´ll never hear him say "monogamy´s my middle name".


Scorpio men are known for their prowess between the sheets; what they´re less well-known for is their sensitive, intelligent side. Want to see it? You need to be patient. Scorpio men are slow burners; they hold their cards close to their chest until they feel completely secure. Question is, can you make him feel that way?

You´ll never hear him say "not tonight, darling".


Aries men are rash lovers, quick to jump in and quicker to jump out. Love at first sight is his thing , and he´ll stop at nothing to seal the deal. Watch out for the aries ego though - it´s big! But so is his heart, once you get to past the tough-guy exterior. To win him over, be effusive, but don´t overdo it.

You´ll never hear him say "let´s take it slow".

Sim, diesnox... já cá só faltavam os astros!!!
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At 9:21 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo

que avião é que está na home page?
Só gostava de saber thelma pq não transcreveste o teu?!e não tens mais que fazer do que andar a escrever no blog...não é por nada linda mas estás num país fantástico com monte de gente para conhecer!!! que fazes em casa sentada ao computador????!!!! Sai...vai procurar novas pessoas, viever novas experiências...afinal quero (em novembro :))ouvir-te dizer que esses 9 meses foram o "the time of your life"...

bjinhos enormes e não se esqueçam q o vosso dia 25 de abril de 08 é MEU!!!!!


At 10:33 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo

Ei lá, queres ver que vvai haver festa???? diesnox